I was not looking forward to this film when its marketing push first started. We already had one of these didn’t we? Good ones even. And the actor playing Spider-Man […]

  It’s been too long and I simply must give a shout out to Tangent Online and Joe Giddings for reviewing Armored. Mr. Giddings liked my story and said as much […]

"Armored" on the Shelves

The last month has been pretty crazy for me. I spent most of it in Korea doing various mentally and physically strenuous things. Separate post for all of that. While […]

This only ever happens once in a writer’s career. The first fanmail arrives and your world changes forever. Maybe I’m making too big a deal of it. I don’t know. […]

I have voted on them. This is the first year I’ve managed to read a lot of the works up for the awards and thus felt good about judging the […]

Well, it definitely did not go to hell. I liked this book. Everything I liked about it in the first 8 chapters: Hard SF sensibilities, a cool central premise, the […]

I haven’t finished this book yet, so be warned that it may go completely to hell before I get there. I don’t think it’s likely but I’ll let you know either […]

I really got into this series during its first season. I heard about it because Scalzi talked about it on the whatever, and how he’s a creative consultant for the […]

The Monster Hunter series is a bit of a phenom in my book. Larry Correia, the author, self-published the first installment, Monster Hunter International. Due to his connections in the […]