PTSD, Interesting

This links to an article on a study done in Denmark. The study was carried out on Danish soldiers who served in Afghanistan. The main thrust of the article lines […]

Guns, Ignorance, and Fear

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in Aurora, Colorado this weekend. The kind of fear, pain, and horror their loved ones experienced in that theater, […]

I’m in Capitan, New Mexico right now. The birth and final resting place of Smokey Bear. (Not Smokey THE Bear just Smokey Bear. Get it right you soft-shoed urbanite.) I’m […]

Or not. Do what you think is best. It’s a free country after all. Just read a very interesting rant by one Gayle Forman.  I have opinions on the same […]

“Not only could a million monkeys have turned out the works of Shakespeare, they actually did.”

Well, it definitely did not go to hell. I liked this book. Everything I liked about it in the first 8 chapters: Hard SF sensibilities, a cool central premise, the […]

I haven’t finished this book yet, so be warned that it may go completely to hell before I get there. I don’t think it’s likely but I’ll let you know either […]

That’s my uncle! He presents a paper that is a brilliant examination of the relationship between the Indian Wars the United States fought in its early life and the current […]