Love, and being a jerk about it

I follow Myke Cole’s blog and occasionally am linked to Patrick Rothfuss’. Today I was inspired by their words on love. Mr. Rothfuss spoke on its many faces. Mr. Cole […]

As Larry Correia says (among other delightful things) the advice a lot of liberals are currently peddling to their benighted Republican acquaintances in the wake of the election is pretty […]

Myke Cole wrote an intriguing piece over on Jim C. Hines blog the other day. It was entitled Uniform in the Closet: Why Military SF’s Popularity Worries Me. In it […]

Ha ha! There are two of them! I’m eventually going to have to stop counting these. I hope. But for now…I revel!

I’m not swedish. Nor am I a techno music sensation. Yet somehow this guy knows exactly how I feel right now. Nice one, dude. Join me now in belting this […]

I hope you’ll forgive me for another post on an animal killed in the road. My wife and I were returning from date night when we crested a hill and […]

Well, it definitely did not go to hell. I liked this book. Everything I liked about it in the first 8 chapters: Hard SF sensibilities, a cool central premise, the […]

I haven’t finished this book yet, so be warned that it may go completely to hell before I get there. I don’t think it’s likely but I’ll let you know either […]