SGT Moxon

SGT Moxon

A friend of mine just took his own life. He was a soldier. I worked with him many times in the field and in the office and he was known for keeping a positive attitude even when things sucked. We could all depend on him to always do his best. I liked him and I have wept for him.

Rest easy, SGT Moxon, we have the watch.

I’ve passed through some pretty dark times in my life. So much so that I can no longer have anything but that feeling of “Yeah, I get it brother,” towards those who choose to end their own lives. One thing that helped me then was talking to people about my struggles, calling someone. In my case it was usually a stranger who’d put his name on the list at group. I know it’s harder to call someone you know, but damn it, if you don’t have a group or a list, reach out to me anyway.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. I never know what to say when people share the grief they are going through when a loved one dies. Words feel so inadequate and inappropriate. I will keep SGT Moxon and all who knew him in my prayers. May peace guard and comfort all your hearts through this time of pain and grief.

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