Machine Mind

The working title for this one was “Music Man”. No, it has nothing to do with the American midwest or crafty con artists peddling musical instruments and breaking hearts.

It has everything to do with the stirring of the blood that I feel whenever I listen to certain pieces of music. …and how that might play out in power armor combat, also a catastrophically fallen human empire that spanned a diversely populated galaxy, and an alien invasion of a tiny planet that used to be a member of that galactic empire.

Currently the piece is in a pretty exciting  place for me. The Jabberwocky Literary Agency has seen it, read it and requested some very good edits to improve it to the point where they’d like to try and sell it. I’m working those edits as hard as I can right now.

And, finished the edits, sent it back to the Agency. More waiting. Fortunately I’m pretty good at waiting.

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