Who am I?

I’m a writer, just getting started. I call what I turn out Adventure or maybe Warrior Fiction. My hubris is not so great that I think I get to create genres. Nor am I under the impression that I’m the only guy writing about warriors. Far from it.

I embrace the Military Science Fiction genre proudly. I’m just not entirely satisfied with the appellation because of the implied limits.

I’m also a soldier in the National Guard. I’ve served in Kuwait, Iraq, Senegal, and Afghanistan and will go back to the war again.

Also, I’m a happily married father of five children who lives in Utah. Currently I work full-time for the National Guard. If you want to know more, contact me somehow and ask.

Email me. Facebook me.

Or drop a comment somewhere. I like comments. It hardly matters right now, with the site having garnered a whopping 21 unique visitors since its inception on 28 September 2010 (at least 4 of which I know were me on different machines) but hey, I like to be prepared. I’ll rule the comment threads, if and when they start, with a fickle fist. My site, my rules.

Disagreements and discussion of same are highly encouraged. Uncivil behavior will be corrected, punished, erased, and banned, not necessarily in that order.

Welcome everyone.