Monster Hunter Vendetta

Monster Hunter VendettaThe Monster Hunter series is a bit of a phenom in my book. Larry Correia, the author, self-published the first installment, Monster Hunter International. Due to his connections in the world of guns and shooting instruction and general firearms badassery, as well as it being an awesome fun read, it sold a few thousand copies. He got picked up by Baen and now the sequel is out. Monster Hunter Vendetta.

I saw Larry the other day at authorpalooza in a Barnes & Noble. Still a really nice guy and fun to talk to. I bought MHV, had him sign it and I’m halfway through it now. Just as fun, irreverent, and mile-a-minute as the first one.

But the cover quote. It’s a little odd. “Fast-paced action sequences and ultra-accurate firearms details.” Ultra-accurate firearms details?

It’s true enough. Larry is a master of his trade. His firearms details are ultra-accurate. But the book has a much broader appeal than that. No doubt readers of Gun World, where the author of that quote, Jerry Ahern, writes appreciate ultra-accurate firearms details more than most but…the books have so much more as well.

The books have cool twists and emotional depth and really good pacing and nifty ideas. They’re just plain fun to read.

Edit: So, I just finished reading MHV. So cool. Not a wasted paragraph. The end is as epically awesome as the first and the ride there as thrilling and fast paced as anything I’ve ever read. An absolute blast.

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