PTSD, Interesting

This links to an article on a study done in Denmark. The study was carried out on Danish soldiers who served in Afghanistan. The main thrust of the article lines […]

Guns, Ignorance, and Fear

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in Aurora, Colorado this weekend. The kind of fear, pain, and horror their loved ones experienced in that theater, […]

Myke Cole wrote an intriguing piece over on Jim C. Hines blog the other day. It was entitled Uniform in the Closet: Why Military SF’s Popularity Worries Me. In it […]

Or should I say Irresponsible News Media? Or even Cynically Deceptive News Media? They all fit. One weekend while I was in Afghanistan (during my second straight year of combat […]

“Enlisted men are stupid, but extremely cunning and sly, and bear considerable watching.” U.S. Army’s Officer Guide, 1863 A man in a hot air balloon realized he was lost. He […]

I am a religious man, who fails to live up to his ideals every day. I’m working on it. This happened in the Kuwaiti desert. It’s a story I’ve told […]

And a good time was had by all. We actually got back a couple of weeks ago but life  has been too busy to post here. So, apparently there’s a […]

Glad to finally be able to put UBL into the ‘good’ category. As wigg1es so aptly put it on Boing Boing, “If only this actually meant anything……” What does it […]