Or should I say Irresponsible News Media? Or even Cynically Deceptive News Media? They all fit. One weekend while I was in Afghanistan (during my second straight year of combat […]

Or not. Do what you think is best. It’s a free country after all. Just read a very interesting rant by one Gayle Forman.  I have opinions on the same […]

Things like this interest me. Obviously the author is comparing this crowd, cheering outside the Whitehouse after the announcement of OBL’s death, to the crowds of middle-easterners cheering in the […]

That’s my uncle! He presents a paper that is a brilliant examination of the relationship between the Indian Wars the United States fought in its early life and the current […]

Had a good Christmas, I did. Among other things, got a stationary bike on which to flay my cardiovascular system as well as a very nice weight bench for pushing […]