Guns, Ignorance, and Fear

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in Aurora, Colorado this weekend. The kind of fear, pain, and horror their loved ones experienced in that theater, […]

Myke Cole wrote an intriguing piece over on Jim C. Hines blog the other day. It was entitled Uniform in the Closet: Why Military SF’s Popularity Worries Me. In it […]

In the days after the 9/11 attacks I was treated to footage of ecstatic crowds on the ‘arab street’ celebrating our tragedy. This joined the many years of footage from […]

Things like this interest me. Obviously the author is comparing this crowd, cheering outside the Whitehouse after the announcement of OBL’s death, to the crowds of middle-easterners cheering in the […]

Glad to finally be able to put UBL into the ‘good’ category. As wigg1es so aptly put it on Boing Boing, “If only this actually meant anything……” What does it […]

That’s my uncle! He presents a paper that is a brilliant examination of the relationship between the Indian Wars the United States fought in its early life and the current […]

Just found a guy named Fareed Zakaria. I’m really impressed. This article, which he wrote for Newsweek in the aftermath of 9/11, was amazing. In its tone and basic ideas […]

Lots of people out there on the web pooh poohing the idea that wikileaks is costing lives.  They don’t claim that wikileaks hasn’t cost lives. Most of them simply claim […]

I find this whole wikileaks phenomenon endlessly fascinating while at the same time a little pitiful. In theory, I approve of the mission statement wikileaks touts. Government transparency is good […]