I have to say, the timing was actually perfect. Thank you, Sonic Innovations.  I’ve got the time to finish my book, and get a huge start if not a completion […]

Thanks to stacylwhitman for linking to this: http://nyti.ms/aMbPXC Interesting and tragic article reporting on the suicide of a bullied girl. Best line in the article: “These indictments tell us that […]

…has begun. I’ve been sporadically working out for the past several months, going two or three weeks at a stretch usually, toying with things like P90X and long grueling ruck […]

So, I re-watched the first three quarters of this film last night.  I did this for two reasons. First: It’s up for an Oscar and people are both bitching about […]

Author and thinker Jerry Pournelle muses on some interesting topics today. In a nutshell, business, if allowed to, will use government to restrict its competition, to secure its place in […]

As I write this my wife and mother-in-law are bouncing up and down on garbage bags into which they have stuck the sucking end of a vacuum cleaner. About a […]

The thrust of The Hurt Locker story is the character.  The team sergeant who is reckless and who goes back to the war again and again when he doesn’t have […]

Seriously, we have advocated the use of swords in conflict resolution and personal defense for many years. We were finally making some progress. At long last the whole debate was […]