May 2011

The deal of the century! For only $50 you can get a $larger dollar value! Unbelievable! Sign up now to be a Supporting Hugo Voter and receive free digital copies […]

I once referred to Penny Arcade as the ‘one true comic.’ I still feel this way. Lately, I’ve become addicted to PATV. I’m pretty sure ‘addicted’ is the wrong word, […]

Or not. Do what you think is best. It’s a free country after all. Just read a very interesting rant by one Gayle Forman.  I have opinions on the same […]

I know Howard Tayler, the creator, author, and artist of the web comic “Schlock Mercenary.” He’s a great guy, smart and fun to talk to. A few years ago a […]

I hope you’ll forgive me for another post on an animal killed in the road. My wife and I were returning from date night when we crested a hill and […]

Things like this interest me. Obviously the author is comparing this crowd, cheering outside the Whitehouse after the announcement of OBL’s death, to the crowds of middle-easterners cheering in the […]

Funniest LOL I’ve seen on the subject so far. Sprayed my drink all over my lap when I saw it.

Glad to finally be able to put UBL into the ‘good’ category. As wigg1es so aptly put it on Boing Boing, “If only this actually meant anything……” What does it […]